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Nursing Education Programs

Current Establishment under the Directorate of Nursing Services, Bangladesh

There are two forms of pre-service education in nursing; one is Diploma in Nursing with 1570 seats and another is BSc in Nursing with 700 seats. In addition to pre-service education, the scope of in-service (post-basic) education for building the capacity of nurses as nurse manager; nurse teacher; nurse administrator and nurse leader is available in 4 Colleges with 500 seats. These are College of Nursing, Mohakhali, Dhaka; Bogra Nursing College, Bogra; Fouzderhat Nursing College, Fouzderhat, Chittagong; and Khulna Nursing College, Khulna. The scope for foreign students are (05 seats) available only in College of Nursing, Mohakhali, Dhaka. 

A. Pre-service Education:

A.1. Diploma in Nursing

There are 43 Nursing Institutes with 1570 seats are operationalized and providing 3-years Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery course since 2008. In meeting the demand of the country approval has already been obtained from the ECNEC for establishing 05+02 more nursing institutes (it is also included in the RPIP) where 250 seats will be available for admission. Beside these 50 seats are available in Armed Forces Nursing Institute and 1520 are in private NIs (39 NIs). 

A.2. B.Sc in Nursing

Nursing Institute attached to Dhaka Medical College Hospital; Mymensingh Medical College Hospital; Rajshahi Medical College Hospital; Chittagong Medical College Hospital have been upgraded to Nursing Colleges and providing 4-years B.Sc in Nursing since 2008. Other 3 (Three) attached to the Medical College Hospital, Barisal; Medical College Hospital, Rangpur; and Medical College Hospital, Sylhet have also been upgraded to Nursing Colleges and providing 4-years B.Sc in Nursing since 2011. A total of 700 seats are available for the candidates having H.Sc with science background. There are 12 Nursing Colleges in the private sector also opens the scope for 365 students to study 4-years BSc in Nursing.

B. Post -Basic (In-service) Education:

The College of Nursing with 125 seats was established in 1970. It has been affiliated with the Dhaka University under the Faculty of Medicine in 1977 as a constituent College for the B.Sc in Nursing and BSc in Public Health Nursing Degrees. There are other colleges at Bogra, Khulna and Fowzderhat with 375 seats (among them 475 are for home and 5 for foreign students) started the same programme from 2011. Approximately 1500 nurses have been qualified with B.Sc. in Nursing and Public Health Nursing from the College of Nursing since its birth. 

The affiliated hospitals for clinical practice include Dhaka Medical College Hospital; The National Institute for Cardio-Vascular Diseases; The Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hospital; National Institute of Cancer & Research; Institute of Child and Maternal Health, Matuail; BIRDEM; Drug Addiction Hospital, Tejgaon; Paediatric hospital; Ad-din Hospital; and National Institutes of Kidney Diseases and Urology. In addition to these, students are also been placed in the communities for community practice. Having the B.Sc. Degree few nurses get the chance of promotion either in education or services sector. 

Specialized Course:

The specialized course on CCU; ICU and Cardiac Nursing is available in the National Heart Foundation, Mirpur. The opportunity is open for 20 nurses only. Rehabilitation Nursing is available in BHPI (CRP), Savar. The scope of having this course is limited for 20 nurses only.

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